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T Laundry Terms & Conditions for use of service

  1. Total removal of stains is not guaranteed.

  2. All articles received will be ready after FIVE (5) - SIX (6) working days, excluding Sundays & Public Holidays.

  3. All articles must be claimed within 10 days from the collection date, customers will need to collect from factory by themselves if any failure of collection within 10 days occure, articles left for more than one month will be disposed.

  4. Stains can be removed upon customer's request and will be done at his risks with additional charges.

  5. All ornaments and buttons, eg, plastic, glass or metal type etc must be removed by customer before sending for cleaning.

  6. We will not bear the responsibility for shrinkage, colour runs, loss of any items in the pockets or any part of the garments.

  7. In the case of loss by fire or any other loss or damange to articles whilst in the hand of ourselves for which we may accept liability, compensation shall be limited to half of the cost of the articles. Such loss shall be deemed not to exceed $50 in any order.

  8. All claims should be notified within 24hrs after received of articles.

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